Introduction to Digital Futures

April 30, 2009

Digital Futures is a podcast series looking at transformational technology and its wider impact. It will feature a series of discussions, audio-papers, videos, experiments, book reviews, tutorials and lectures that critically explore the future of digital media technologies and their wider role in the social, cultural, political, educational and economic landscapes that shape the 21st Century.

The series will focus on the transformational and disruptive creative technologies that are radically shifting the way we work, play and think. It will critically address the wider implications of these technologies for people living in the 21st Century.

The subject of these talks includes:

  • Digital Cultural Studies
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Digital Content
  • Privacy and Data
  • Ownership and Control in Digital Media
  • Social Media and networks
  • Digital Humanities
  • Piracy, copyright and digital dilemmas
  • Networked Collaboration
  • The Amateur and Pro-Am Revolution
  • Digital Sociology,
  • The Digital Divide
  • Digital Distribution
  • eBusiness- Emerging Business Models for a digital world
  • Participatory Networks
  • Freeconomics/Wikinomics
  • The eAcademy and digital scholarship
  • Creative Computing
  • Digital Creativity
  • eGovernment and digital citizenship
  • Digital Cities
  • Critical Internet Theory
  • Digital Art

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